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        AD067 喇叭形車充

        • 產品詳情



        產品型號 Model: ASIA299

        執行標準Standard: GB4706.18-2010

        輸入電壓:DC 12V-24V



        所有金屬鹽霧試驗過24H; 大于8 小時以上老化測試,確保每一件產品的品質優良:

        采用新進口芯片控制,內置雙重IC及保險管, 高效環保,寬電壓輸入,性能更穩定.

        內置 過流  過壓  短路  IC智能雙層保護功能,安全可靠,可放心使用.










        8、符合國際CE  FCC  ROHS  E-mark 及蘋果MFI認證。


        Product performance parameters:

        Product Name: Large speaker car charger

        Model: ASIA299

        Standard of implementation: GB4706.18-2010

        Input voltage: DC 12V-24V

        Output current: DC5V, 2.1A + 1A

        At the same time for Apple, Samsung, motorcycle, HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry, millet, Huawei, ZTE and all other brands of mobile phones and tablet PCs / MP3 / MP4 / PSP / GPS / DV / DC 99% of the product power supply.

        All metal salt spray test 24H; greater than 8 hours of aging test to ensure that each product of good quality:

        Using the latest imported chip control, built-in dual IC and fuse, efficient environmental protection, wide voltage input, more stable performance.

        Built-in over-current short-circuit IC intelligent double-layer protection, safe and reliable, can be assured that use.

        Material: imported enhanced anti-shock anti-shock ABS + PC material

        Product Size: Length 70mmx28x33mm

        1, stylish appearance, implication elegant. Streamlined seamless integration of the design, the surface of high-light injection molding process, supplemented by pure aluminum scrub metal ring embellishment, high-grade elegant, extraordinary temperament, and car interior environment is an excellent match, perfect into them;

        2, ultra-portable compact design, the current market size of the smallest 3.1A output current car charger, the volume is very small, easy to carry and use;

        3, the use of imported fire ABS + PC material to create, with anti-shock, fire retardant features, extremely durable, long service life;

        4, in addition to the classic black and white color, there are a variety of colorful color optional, subvert car charger products dull color, so that your car digital life colorful;

        5, stunning blue light charging instructions, noble and elegant, beautiful personality;

        6, the standard USB voltage output, automatic over-current, overload protection, built-in dual-core chip security protection, to prevent accidental damage to the equipment;

        7, imported car charging IC design, large current, fast charge;

        8, in line with international CE FCC ROHS E-mark and Apple MFI certification.

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